Robert Cornish, Quality Hearing CareQuality Hearing Care is locally-owned-and-operated offering complete hearing health care including hearing aids for adults and seniors. We use the latest state-of-the-art hearing care equipment and comprehensive hearing loss testing to determine your level of hearing and understanding. We can then accurately predict what your ability to hear and understand will be after correction. With this information we can recommend to you the correct technology and power.

Unlike other practices, we understand that hearing loss is often accompanied by understanding loss. Making noise louder does not always make it easier to understand. It is necessary to manipulate the noise into usable information the brain can use. Only then will the “noise” become understandable.

Our Staff

Our staff is composed of highly trained and licensed professionals. We are all in good standing with the regulatory agencies of North Carolina. We treat everyone that comes through our door like we would want our own family members treated. We work hard to find that unique solution to your individual hearing problem.

Visit us for free quarterly checkups to ensure your hearing is where it should be, and if it’s not, we can provide you with the appropriate assisted listening solutions.